Support Albany and its fair share. Take action today! #fairshare4Albany

Help support the City of Albany receive its fair share of state aid! Join Mayor Sheehan, Senator Breslin, Assemblymember McDonald, and Assemblymember Fahy in our campaign for Capital City Funding.

Inequality for a city driven by equity.

Compared to every Upstate New York city that has a population of over 50,000, Albany receives the least in AIM (aid and incentives for municipalities) funding per capita.

  • Buffalo (pop. 258,612) – $623.66
  • Syracuse (pop. 143,396) – $500.42
  • Rochester (pop. 208,046) – $424.11
  • Niagara Falls (pop. 48,460) – $367.20
  • Utica (pop. 60, 635) – $265.70
  • Troy (pop. 49.565) – $247.74
  • Schenectady (pop. 65,625) – $169.44
  • Albany (pop. 98,251) – $128.32

Why is a poor person in Buffalo worth four times as much as a poor person in Albany?

It’s not fair to the taxpayers, residents, and businesses that make Albany their home. Our city has over 60 percent of its total property exempt from taxes – mainly due to state facilities – with over 80 percent of our commercial properties also exempt.

It’s time Albany received it’s fair share!

This coordinated effort will include weekly events to engage and inform the public, alongside digital tools for people to contact the Governor and the Legislature.

With the state budget deadline fast approaching on April 1, there’s no time to wait – get involved today!


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